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Our single "I'm Sorry About Last Christmas" is on Paste Magazine's Christmas Sampler! Go download it!

Did you miss our last show? You can kinda see/hear a little of what you missed:

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50% of the proceeds will go to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Listen to powerkompany
iTunes | Spotify | Soundcloud | Bandcamp

Listen to powerkompany
iTunes | Spotify | Soundcloud | Bandcamp

Main photo by Keith Weaver

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Powerkompany- Lost from powerkompany on Vimeo.

Main photo by Grace R Long

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"mesmerizing string arrangements...something truly innovative." - Spindle Magazine (UK)

“Moody, ethereal ... a promising record that leaves you eager to find out what more powerkompany has up its sleeve.” - Georgia Music Magazine

“Gorgeous” - American Songwriter

"...palpable grittiness to accompany the dream-pop glaze." - Latest Disgrace

"True to their Georgia roots..." -Paste Magazine

"A uke-and-guitar buffet o' goodness...very cool." -Blurt

Main photo by Imagerystorm

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Main photo by Keith Weaver